Appliqué Art - freehand machine embroidered pictures by Abigail Mill


My book is published by Search Press and is a snap shot of 20 years worth of embroidered images. This beautiful publication is sold worldwide and has been a huge inspiration for sewing fans, to take them into a more creative direction. Wether you are a quilter, an embroiderer, or general crafts enthusiast, this book is hugely inspiring. It's packed full of images and ideas from over dying fabric to different stitch techniques. There are gallery sections and step by step chapters to work through too to make your own embroidered picture. If you haven't got time to use it as an embroidery tool, then it makes a great coffee table book!
It's available to buy directly from Amazon here
You might also be able to track it down in the John Lewis haberdashery department, general book shops and in fabric and craft shops.